The Healthy Divas Learning Center is here to help you plan and implement an intervention to improve the health of transgender women served by your organization.
About Healthy Divas
Background information on how the program was developed and how it works.
Preparing for Healthy Divas
Resources to help find funding, prepare your organization, and hire and train staff
Implementing Healthy Divas
Detailed manual for program staff and templates for creating your own resources.
Sustaining Healthy Divas
Keep your staff funded and engaged. We provide guidance on maintaining services for transgender women.

Healthy Divas is an evidence-informed intervention to improve health outcomes among transgender women of any HIV status. This Learning Center consists of essential information to effectively plan and implement Healthy Divas in your organization.

The Healthy Divas Learning Center covers basic information about Healthy Divas as well as information related to the stages of preparing, implementing, and sustaining your Healthy Divas program.

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The sessions were great, not just because it’s someone I know from the community, but because she understands me. She shares my trans experience.

Healthy Divas participant

Oakland, CA